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50 years after hip hop emerged in its cultural beginnings in the Bronx, NY, and became a vehicle for inverting the negative energy filling the 1970s Bronx streets into a new positive direction—a creative atmosphere of music, art, dance, street fashion and street entrepreneurialism—THE NATION emerges today to channel hip hop's unifying energy into our globally-interconnected culture.

What Happened to Hip Hop?

Since the 1970s, commercial interests became interlaced with hip hop.

The unifying atmosphere of hip hop culture gradually dismantled into an array of brands and products, with intents to increase individual wealth and fame overshadowing hip hop's unifying essence.

Today, as the world becomes increasingly interconnected and interdependent, with crises amounting on personal, social and ecological scales worldwide, there is a growing need for hip hop's original unifying essence to spread throughout the world—in forms that suit today's global culture.

That's the essence of what we in THE NATION aim to achieve.

Who's The Nation?

THE NATION is a global hip hop band consisting of members from the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and Israel. Its members are (in alphabetical order): 730RS, Aaron C., Joe Larez, Negus Nimrod (a.k.a. Judah), Wystelands, and Young Hysan.

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Who's the Album For?

As the bitter atmosphere of gang-related violence and fear in 1970s Bronx burst into a new thriving positive hip hop culture locally in New York, likewise today, the increasing division and hatred throughout the world is setting the scene for another unifying revolution worldwide—a new global culture that values unity above division, love above hatred, peace over war, and where a new heightened feeling of enjoying life through these values uplifts us all.

In other words, this album is Hip Hop for Humanity.

Song Releases from Hip Hop for Humanity

Luv Flo

Released on February 14, 2023.

“Luv Flo” is about the true love that hip hop stands for—the force of love that emerges when people unite above their differences.


Released on Friday, March 3.

"Unite" is a driving high-energy banger with unconventional change-ups—each verse acting like a song in and of itself—on the need to unite above division.


Released on Friday, March 24.

"Connect" is a 3-part rap conversation among emcees that shifts from self-reflection on the unifying goal, self-criticism, and humanity as self.

B The Nation

Releases Monday, April 17.

On the Eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, "B The Nation" comes to deliver an introspective version of hip hop's unifying message to the Jewish people.

It's a Ten

Releases Wednesday, April 26.

"It's a Ten" is a feel-good upbeat banger for motivating the creation of a culture aware of how to rise above human nature, to equalize with nature itself.


Releases Friday, May 5.

"Attainin" is a chill Summer vibe inspiring the attainment of the core unifying force behind hip hop.


Releases Sunday, May 28.

When a freestyle cypher breaks out into a circle discussion among emcees, with each one adding and listening, creating a common request for unity.

Awaken The Nation

Releases Friday, June 2.

Continuing where "B The Nation" left off, "Awaken The Nation" add more flavors to the need to unite. Includes Young Hysan's sole appearance on the album.

Sages Brew

Releases Wednesday, June 21.

"Sages Brew" is a futuristic take on ancient wisdom—hip hop emcees channeling hip hop's unifying essence into today's new global conditions.

Above Left and Right (feat. Tamra Rose)

Releases Friday, August 11.

On the day of hip hop's 50th anniversary since the first party where Kool Herc launched hip hop culture, we bring a new hip hop song on unity above division.

Bestowal Music

Releases Thursday, September 21.

"Bestowal Music" is THE NATION's chillest song to date, a hypnotic immersion into losing one's self in the common connection that we all share.

Rise of The Nation

Releases Friday, October 13.

"Rise of The Nation" is the conclusion of the trilogy that began with "B The Nation" and continued with "Awaken The Nation," with 730RS and Joe Larez.


Releases Friday, November 3.

"Bammer" is straight up freestyle emceeing over a cypher beat to close out the album, with the maximum participation of THE NATION's emcees.